EC preview day 22/11/2019

The day finally came! A full-on production week of crazy hours: setting up technical lists, finalising the rules of the game, and the scores; getting the schedules, procedures, plans, food, flights, accommodation, scores, equipment, set ups in good order etcetc. The space at iii [Instrument Inventors Initiative] was beautiful, and the set up took a while but we booked the place a day before to take our time [so necessary]. The day of the preview was really fun. We had worked so much on it [especially Dan and I], that it felt, once set up, raring to go. Everyone felt happy and relaxed and we all went for it. Every one of the performers were amazing. Emily and Sato morphed into each other for this, and i personally think our preview might have better than our premiere. First times are always the most visceral and exciting.

A big mention to Lam Lai, a brilliant composer and prolific organiser of brilliant events. I asked her to help me clarify my thoughts, and to guide me through the week before. She’s one to know if you don’t already, as well as Dan Gibson who worked intensely on the instrument design/code/build whilst taking/discussing my composition instructions.

Lam Lai –

Dan Gibson –

Sato Endo –

Emily Fong –

Anne Wellmer –

Fani Konstantinidou –

Setting up & rehearsing, Sato Endo & Emily Fong 22/11/2019
Anne Wellmer’s set up 22/11/2019
Emily, Dan Gibson, Anne & Fani Konstantinidou – post-performance feedback session 22/11/2019
post-performance feedback session – me & Emily 22/11/2019
Semay and Fani’s set up 22/11/2019
Sato and Emily’s image 22/11/2019
Sato Endo with Anne Wellmer in foreground 22/11/2019