Here you will find me on production (mine and others), recorded materials (some for live performances) and arrangements. In recording the cello, the capacity that I work in will depend on the artist I work with, from free improvisations to direct translation of ideas. I generate prep with lines of melody, harmony, countermelodies, chords, textures etc., anything that could be used. Recording sessions have either been done at home or in recording studios near and far. Anything is possible, just.

I have had the pleasure of working with a vast number of solo artists and bands/collectives/groups, some of which I have been a longstanding member of. You’ll find some on the discogs link below. I’ve yet to complete it with everything I’ve done, but for now this’ll do.

Artist info:Year:Recorded:Link:Notes:
Henry The Rabbit2020Home“Songs of the Marsh”Recorded in 2016. Released by Moon Glyph (cassette) Feb 26 2021
John-Mark Lapham 2020Home tbcongoing, in prep
Ilya Ziblat Shay2020Home“A Fundamental mode of being in the World”voiceover work. Published on Seismograf (peer-reviewed audio paper) – 06 April 2021
His Grace the Earl of Killorglin2020Hometbccello work
Old Fire2020HomeSongs from the Haunted SouthThe song “Dead House Dream” for the film “Where is Palestine?”- 2020. Documentary. Director: Nathan Driskell
Lisa Fannen2020HomeFaultline
Composed, recorded and produced for Lisa’s poem ‘Chitty”. ‘Faultline’ – released: May 22, 2020
Semay & Gavin Brown ‘Onthefly’2020Larbert02022020 space
our performance
Performed live. Video produced for live-stream event, brainchild of Lam Lai, composer in The Hague.
Semay Wu2019AmsterdamExquisite CorpseAudio Production for (Flora Reznik’s) docu-video (Jan/Feb 2020) for composition ‘Exquisite Corpse’, with Dan Gibson, and New Emergences. Premiered Nov 23 2019, Splendor, Amsterdam.
Matthew Bourne2019Londontbc Salomé recordings for Coup D’Archet (Glenn Armstrong) label.
Liam Gallagher2019LondonOnce
Champagne Supernova
BBC Radio 1 Piano Sessions, at the end of his European tour.
Semay Wu2019Homedocu’ hereLive solo performance: composition with automata – Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre. Short doc produced by OnTheFly. Audio by Semay.
Sonja van Kerkhoff2019HomeAn Unfinished Symphony
video here
Arranged, performed and produced for video by Sonja van Kerkhoff.
Henry The Rabbit2019HomeEnola GayCello recorded for the track “Enola Gay” for Petrol Chips
Stephen Hero2018LancashireDeciduous EccentricCello on Deciduous Eccentric, released Sept 27 2019
Howie Reeve2018GlasgowCracks – Come to the SurfaceWritten with Howie Reeve, recorded and mastered by Jim McEwan, Glasgow.
Kris Weston2018VarioustbcRecorded at home and lancashire. various sessions.
Philip Kay2018HomeHennessey advertCello work – composed/arranged by Philip Kay for Woodwork Music.
Semay Wu2018Homevideo herePerformance at White Space in Edinburgh, for Sonically Depicting. Video and audio production.
Semay Wu2018Hong Kong “Walking with Doreen” Film made (to be completed). Field recordings from self-funded residency in HK, and voices recorded from residency in Oxford (below).
Semay Wu2018Home/Oxforddocu’ hereModern Art Oxford – public residency. Short doc (for now).
Theatre Alibi2017ExeterApple John
audio here
cello/performer – music composed and performed by Tom Johnson for Theatre Alibi’s production: Apple John. Recording production: Duncan Chave