I curate mainly through the non-profit organisation New Emergences, a Dutch Stichting since 2018, and based in The Hague, NL.

Weedweavers – 9th July 2021

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In Weedweavers, the radical Dutch curatorial collective New Emergences present a collaborative workshop and live event led by artists Angeliki Diakrousi and mariëlle verdijk

Both Diakrousi and verdijk live and work in Rotterdam, a major port city like Liverpool; their project is fed by the ways in which the two ports interrelate. Taking inspiration from cutting edge research into algae forms conducted by a band of formidable women in Liverpool in the early 20th Century, Weedweavers explores feminist and non-traditional science practices, myths, recipes and stories of ports and organisms like algae through gatherings in June, culminating in a live broadcast.

Gatherings as part of Weedweavers will take place 18 June and 25 June. Tune into to experience the final performance on Friday 9 July. The recording of the performance will be available to watch online until Sunday 11 July.

Weedweavers by Angeliki Diakrousi and mariëlle verdijk is commissioned and produced by Abandon Normal Devices, curated by New Emergences. Supported using public funding by Arts Council England and Creative Industries Fund Netherlands.


Weedweavers Gathering 1:

Weedweavers Gathering 2:

Ferrytones: Stories of the Hinterland is commissioned and produced by Abandon Normal Devices, curated by New Emergences. Supported using public funding by Arts Council England, Creative Industries Fund Netherlands and Liverpool City Council as part of RISE 2020, with further support from Merseytravel. (postponed due to covid 19)

Ferrytones – Stories of the Hinterland (image by Semay Wu)

The premise was to design a theatrical and sonic environment that used the boat as a source of sonic material. The boat is one of the ferries in the Mersey river between the Wirral and Liverpool, UK. Part of the research / development would have included a short residency to capture the essence of the industrial areas surrounding the river. Communities living nearby would also be encouraged to participate. The link between Liverpool and a dutch sea-faring city was the premise for inviting New Emergences to curate dutch artists to take part.

The artists:

Petra Van Der Schoot

Donia Jourabchi

Fani Konstantinidou

Mayke Haringhuizen

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Inclusive Extensions – (co-curated with Mariette Groot)

A project on design and inclusivity by IMPAKT and New Emergences

Inclusive Extensions

discussion – 20th Dec 2019

In this first discussion event of the project Inclusive Extensions researchers, artists and designers, of different abilities will exchange ideas from their own field of expertise.

This event focuses on how art, design and technology can adapt towards difference and inclusivity in society, recognizing all human value and agency. How inclusive is our current society to people with disabilities? What would an inclusive society look like? What steps need to be taken towards such a society, and what are the solutions that we can design? Everyone is warmly invited to join and share their thoughts.

workshop – Jan 2020

This event will lay the foundation for a series of three design workshops and a final presentation event by IMPAKT in 2020. The workshops aim for a substantial representation of people with disabilities, in the roles of workshop leader, participant and user. The three day workshop takes place from 8, 15 & 22 January at Het Hof van Cartesius: De Tinkerplek.

The Exhibition was postponed.

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Exquisite Corpse (co-curated with Mariette Groot)

Exquisite corpse – Sato Endo

Commissioned composition to be premiered at Splendor, Amsterdam. Feedback session (at dress rehearsal) and discussion on the night.

Image: Confluence by Emily Fong

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Bird Bird Touch Touch Sing Sing (co-curated with Mariette Groot)

New Emergences commissions a work-in-progress residency/performance with artists Nguyễn Baly and Tara Transitory. They will develop an immersive site-specific performance, working alongside local performers, to explore South-East Asian, diasporic queer existences and histories, using forms of collective (de)colonial resistance.

Residency, discussion, and performance at WORM (MaMa Cash Festival)

Nguyen and Transitory

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Unerhörte Frauen! – discussion/concert co-curated with Bochumer Symphoniker

Composed music from ‘unheard women composers’, adversely affected by power structures of the time, were effectively excluded, to be rendered invisible, and their names forgotten forever. What does it mean to be “banned” and how is it that our society has been complicit in such controversy?

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Trans & Noise #1 – Amsterdam (co-curation)

The Other The Self – Malmo INTONAL (co-curation) & performances by Fani Konstantinidou and Semay Wu

Collecting Perspectives – Berlin CTM (co-curation)

Breaking the Glass Ceiling – Amsterdam (co-curated with Fani K)

How numbers speak for themselves – The Hague (co-curation)

Power-Networks and the Future of Opera – The Hague

Role Models and How We See Ourselves – The Hague

Open Mind, Active Thinking – The Hague

Series of concerts at STEIM: Electrosketch (co-curated) – 2014-16: Electro-acoustic scenarios at STEIM (old place)