29.09.19 – New Emergences presents, with iii: Power Tools, @Den Haag.

14.09.19 – STEIM’s 50th Anniversary – visit only.

03.09.19 – 2nd Edition of: Re: Formation – 7 piece string-based durational improvisations – hosted by Edzell Recordings and NICE N SLEAZY, Glasgow (Jer Reid, Luke Sutherland, Joseph Quimby Jr, Rafe Fitzpatrick, Elena Inei, Matt Webb, Semay Wu)

18.07.19 – World Listening day & Launch of the new ‘New’ website.

10-21.07.19 – Gigging in the EU with Liam Gallagher.

Jul 11 – BBK, Bilbao, Spain
Jul 13 – Trenčín Airport, Trenčín Airport, Slovakia
Jul 14 – Atlas Weekend, Kiev, Ukraine
Jul 17 – Moon & Stars Festival, Locarno, Switzerland
Jul 18 – Floriana Fosos, Malta
Jul 21 – Radio 1 recording session

04.07.19 – Re: Formation – cello’ing with an assortment of guitars and strings – hosted by Edzell Recordings and NICE N SLEAZY, Glasgow

29.06.19Help Me I’m Melting gig with a quintet ( inc. myself) – Tony Bevan’s concert series @The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow (14.00-17.00)

02.06.19 – Performance at John Cavanagh’s monthly ‘Live Music at the Sharmanka‘ amongst incredibly  intricate and occasionally chatty automata at the Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre, 103 Trongate, Glasgow.

23.03.19 – New Emergences presents, with Willem Twee Studios, Et#her – a residency, concert/performance & Q+A at FAQ Festival, Den Bosch at 15hr.

Commissioning three composers, Antoine Panaché, Radna Rumping and Marieke van de Ven. Thanking the composer Aurelie Lierman who came in to workshop the studio and the voice with them.

Et#her’s audio flyer

Et#her’s video flyer

18.03.19 – music: arrangements, performance, and production, for a 3-minute soundtrack to Sonja van Kerkhoff’s ‘Europa’ film. The original music is Franz Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony. Description of film is in the link below.

05-08.03.19 – New Emergences commissions Bird Bird Touch Touch Sing Sing to develop a work in progress performance piece at WORM, Rotterdam (Tara Transitory and Nguyen Baly).

07.03.19 – ‘Meet the Artists’ open evening. 20-21hr – WORM UBIK space.

08.03.19 – Performance @RE#SISTER/MAMA CASH Feminist Festival – WORM UBIK space.

02.03.19 – Panel guest on the Body Extended, of Future Interfaces theme- with Impakt’s Augment and Disrupt 3-day festival, Utrecht. With Marije Baalman, to represent New Emergences.

10.02.19 – Closing solo act @Spike Cello Festival 8/9/10th Feb 2019 @The Workmans Club, Dublin

cropped-semaywuintonal copy
photo credit: Anne Wellmer

03.02.19 – Alabaster dePlume gig @Blue Arrow Club, Glasgow

17.01.19 – Untried and Tested #1 – Beta performance of residency outcome & Feedback session. @Whitespace Gallery (whitespace76), Edinburgh.


photo credit: Pual Northcott

14 – 17.01.18 – 3-day residency @WhiteSpace Gallery, Edinburgh to include a performance on the 17th (showing the outcomes of the residency)

14.01.19 – GIOdynamics @Sleazys, Glasgow – organised by Jer Reid, and the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra. First improvisation with myself, Juana Adcock, Sebastian Lexer and Jer Reid.

13.01.19 – New Emergences & Ruisburo present Glow in the Dark #2 @Cafe De Ruimte, Amsterdam with Donia Jourabchi, Alselo and Inge Hoonte.

12.01.19Help Me I’m Melting gig with Tony Bevan, Fritz Welch and myself – a concert series @The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow (14.00-17.00)

13.12.18 – Liam Gallagher @Union Chapel, London.

25.11.18A celebration of the life, times and music of Simon King 

19/08/1966 – 30/09/2018

hosted by Club Integral/Iklectik, @Iklectik, London

All dayer 15.00 – 23.30


24.10.18 – New Emergences#14 – New Emergences opens the season 2018/2019 with Unerhörte Frauen! (Unheard Women), an event produced in collaboration with Erwin Roebroeks and Bochumer Symphoniker.

Panel: Patricia Hall (US), Penny Saunders (UK), Ann Cleare (IE)

Moderator: Lisa Blanning (US/DE)

17.09.18 – Space is the Place: 13th All Strings Night – De Ruimte, Amsterdam

Guitarist Henk Zwerver, bass player Raoul van der Weide and violinist Jacob Plooij present: New Handicaps All Strings Pool. A night of free acoustic string improvisation by top musicians from the Amsterdam improv scene and beyond. Improvising in trios, sextets and tutti – all free, all acoustic.

Players :
Nicolas Chientaroli – piano
Nora Mulder – piano
Michiel Scheen – piano
Jonathan Nagel – bass
Annick Odom – bass
Uldis Vītols – bass
Semay Wu – cello
Raoul van der Weide – cello
George Dumitriu – viola
Maya Felixbrodt – viola
Ig Henneman – viola
Jacob Plooij – violin
Henk Zwerver – guitar
Kristoffer Vejslev Dyssegaard – guitar
Wil Schmal – guitar
Sanem Kalfa – voice/cello
Felicity Provan – voice
Annelie Koning – voice

08.09.18 – Alabaster dePlume gig – Lost Map’s 5th Birthday Party, Edinburgh

07.09.18 – Alabaster dePlume gig – Yorkshire House, Lancaster

08.08.18Hear Our Voice Performance @George Square, Glasgow – for Scottish-Asian Creative Artists’ Network with Diljeet Bhachu (flute), Madaleine Pritchard (voice) and Sodhi (tabla).

14.07.18 – Doune the Rabbit Hole Festival. With Alabaster dePlume

29/30.06.18 – cello recordings with Stephen Hero’s new album material.

20.06.18 – Alabaster de Plume gig @Hug and Pint, Glasgow

31.05.18 – Solo performance with video projections onto LDR screen controller with voice, DIY electronics, and maxMSP programming. @WhiteSpace76, Edinburgh. @Sonically Depicting.

09.05.18 – New Emergences finally becomes a Stichting Foundation in the Netherlands. Our especial Board members are: Anne La Berge, Kristina Anderson, Teana Boston-Mammah and Stephanie Pan.

15.03.18 – 15.04.18 – Self-directed artist (month-long) residency in Hong Kong. Reflective time on previous work, and to propel new project ideas forward.

08.04.18 – New Emergences#13 – Women in Radio. Keynote and panel discussion @REWIRE Festival, DH, NL.

Keynote: Alec Badenoch; and Carolyn Birdsall.

Panel: Natasha Taylor, and moderated by Josephine Bosma.

25.02.18 – New Emergences#12 – Trans and Noise. Keynote and panel discussion @STEIM, Broedplaats Lely, Amsterdam

keynote and performance: Charles Celeste Hutchins

Panel: Joel Ryan, Johanna Monk, and moderated by Looi van Kessel.

13.02.18 – 18.02.18 – in residence at the Modern Art Oxford, UK.

A 6-day process-transparent composition in sound, movement and visual (video/live-capture), as a response to Nicolas Party’s Speakers Exhibition. Active audience participation is key to the compositional process, in the form of audio recordings and written notes inspired by the possibility of perceiving human-ness from absence.

During the residency, I will be responding to the above exhibition which is in itself a response to the city’s felt absence of pioneering academic/scientific women of Oxford. I will actively encourage visitors to think about the women that surround them in their daily lives, women who they personally want to celebrate and recognise. Then, to offer to the space these personal stories and observations that will be woven daily into the compositional space as a fabric; the strength of this fabric, and therefore the composition, will be dependent on present participation. I want to see if we can intimately humanise the absence of the other – and further, as a society at large – if we reveal and listen to our – and other’s – own intimate relations, vulnerabilities and complexities.

08.02.18 – New Emergences#11 – Glow in the Dark. First dedicated concert + discussion @Studio Loos, DH.

The #11 edition focuses on listening rather than discussing. In-between the sets we will introduce the artists with short conversations.
Performances by Strict Nurse, G.T.Thomas, and SoundEscape.

14.08.17 – 20.12.17 – musician @Theatre Alibi – Apple John

20.05.17 – 18.06.17 – musician and composer @20storiesHigh – She’s Leaving Home

29.04.17 – solo performance of DIY electronics and video @Intonal Festival – Malmo, Sweden.


29.04.17 – New Emergences#8 – The Other The Self. Keynote and panel discussion @Intonal Festival – malmo, Sweden.

Key: Julia Eckhardt and the Second Sound – Conversations on gender and music. Panel members inc: Suzanne Kirchmayer, Helena Engberg, and Remco Schuurbiers. Moderator: Semay Wu, Fani Konstantinidou.

14.04.17 – Solo performance of electronics and video @house gig in Edinburgh, with Barrett’s Dottled Beauty and Mystic Mistake.

01.04.17 – New Emergences#7 – Poetry, Presence and Empowerment. Panel/post-gig discussion @Rewire Festival – Den Haag, Netherlands.

Panel: AGF, Kubra Khademi, Moor Mother. Moderator: Andras Simongati Farquhar, Anne Wellmer.

23.03.17 – Solo performance with electronics and video @Peach#10, Total Refreshment Centre, London with Alabaster dePlume and Arun Ghosh.

03.02.17 – New Emergences#6 – Collecting Perspectives. Keynote and Panel Discussion @CTM Festival – Berlin, Germany.

Key: Marije Baalman. Panel: Mariette Groot, myself and Anne Wellmer. Moderator: shared.

15.12.16 – Duo Performance: Improvisations with myself – electronics, and Manuela Luca Tessi: dance. @Ephemere, StudioLoos – Den Haag, Netherlands.

13.12.16 – New Emergences#5 – Breaking the Glass Ceiling. Keynote and Panel Discussion @Splendor – Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Key: Kate Moore. Panel: Henriette Post (FPK), Rozalie Hirs, Joel Ryan. Moderator: Anne La Berge.

10/11.10.16 – Duo Performance: improvisations with myself – electronics, and Vanessa Grasse – movement. @BitchesBrew – Edinburgh/Glasgow.

24.09.16 – New Emergences#4 – How numbers speak for themselves. Keynote and Panel Discussion @TodaysArt Festival – Den Haag, Netherlands.

Key: Ruth Timmermans (Gonzo). Panel: Florian Cramer, Anne La Berge. Moderator: Mariette Groot.