You’ll find collaborations on here where I have been involved in some way. a mixture of instrumental, electronics-electroacoustic, and interdisciplinary performances all using improvisational methods.

This improvisational framework allows each individual to contemplate how to build up a social space: threaded with connections, resistance, abstraction and texture through the actions of listening, thinking and doing.

Each performance becomes ethnographical and is an audiovisual documentation of a place in time. 

A Trio Improvisation – Scott Morrison (clarsach), Elena Inei (violin) and I (cello).

4th March 2020 @ Old Hairdressers, Glasgow: 1.5 months launching the Mhenwhar Huws album
Stevie Jones & Jer Reid duo,
Scott Morrison (clarsach), Semay Wu (cello) and Elena Inei (violin) trio,
Mhenwhar Huws (joined by Steven Anderson),
Herschel 36 Stu Brown & Paul Harrison,
Clelia Ciardulli Dj

Three Poets: with Jennifer Lee Tsai, Degna Stone, Leonardo Boix, and myself.
My set up: cello & electronics (max), objects

De-Fence Records is a DIY label based in Central Scotland, wee brother of Fence Records (Fife, Scotland). by OnTheFly AKA Gavin Brown.

Ministry of De-Fence 10×10:10 – A whole host of wonderful musicians collaborated on this last 10×10 Ep of a series of 10 split Eps since 2006. It was a ‘secret’ list of musicians who contributed a variety of samples that, through 4 different phases, were turned into 7 tunes that made up the Ep.×10-10

Collaborative release from over twenty artists, these tracks were completed from the nineteen demo tracks submitted for the project. The remaining tracks from the project will feature on a separate album release in 2015.


released November 3, 2014

Derek O’Neill, Susannah Simmons, Semay Wu, OnTheFly, Volg4, wiQwar, Jo Foster, Paper Machine Music, IndianRedLopez, Hamacide, Cherif Hashizume, Tina Grace, Alan Coutts, Rich Amino, Zoon van snooK, Reuben Taylor, Romanhead, Con Brio, Pete Harvey, Deltason, Scruff, George Positive, Tommy Perman, Captain Geeko The Deadly Aviator

Lauren Laverne took a liking:

An Unfinished Symphony:

By Sonja van Kerkhoff, The Netherlands 2019.

Filmed in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, UK, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

Music – arranged, performed and produced by Semay Wu

Gigs: @Bitches Brew, Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh, & Glad Cafe, Glasgow – Invited by Emma Smith – Founder & Organizer of Bitches Brew, based in Edinburgh. Nov 2016 &

Myself (sandbox, light sensors, DIY oscillators-ring modulator, MaxMSP), &

Vanessa Grasse (dance, movement, improviser) – our first improvisations together as a duo.

Oorsprong Curators’ Series is an initiative of Raoul van der Weide.

First set curated by Ana Leonor Ladas (dance).

Performers: Ana Leonor Ladas – movement, Maaike van de Westeringh – movement, Faizle Shairmahomed – movement, James Hewitt – violin, Semay Wu – cello, Robbert van Hulzen – drums & percussion, Tjeerd Shils – electronics, Instant light design by Helen Knops.

Published 3 Feb 2016

during, lasting.. by Martijn Tellinga,
Konzert Minimal & DNK ensemble @W139 24.01.16

Jason Alder – bass clarinet
Seamus Cater – duet concertina
Anne La Berge – flute
Hannes Lingens – accordion
Giacomo Lepri – clarinet
Koen Nutters – double bass
Jacob Plooij – violin
Rishin Singh – trombone
Semay Wu – cello

Underwater Lifeforms by Josué Amador

Composition/installation created by composer Josué Amador and to be performed at the pedestrian tunnel of the Maastunnel. The piece will be performed by a group of 10 improvising musicians strategically located all along the Maastunnel. The whole piece has an approximated length of 60 minutes.

September 13, 2015

Josué W. Amador – Electric guitar
Amir Bolzman – Live electronics
Hugo Costa – Saxophone
Philipp Ernsting – Drums
Arvind Ganga – Electric guitar
Dirar Kalash – Saxophone
Friso van Wijck – Drums
Semay Wu – Violoncello
Kacper Ziemianin – Live electronics

Accidental Ensemble

Performers L-R: Giacomo Lepri, Dan Gibson, Tomer Baruch, Semay Wu @STEIM, Ams. ’15

Blueprint/SEISM @Gemak, DH ’15 performances with (Justin Bennett and) Pascale-Sophie Kaparis.

Opening of SEISM @Gemak, DH ’15, Pascale-Sophie Kaparis

Performers: Marie Guilleray – voice, Semay Wu – cello

Sweet Summer Holidays in France

Sweet Summer Holidays in France

Semay Wu (cello) & Robert van Heumen (laptop-instrument) / performed at STEIM on March 26 2015
“7, 19, 22, 37, 68, 79, 310”

Video footage of the Sonology Show Lab performance @ the SOTU Festival, OT301 Amsterdam, 18.04.14. – a series of collaborations and improvisations.

Translation, Transcription, Pronunication, How it works. Interpretation. Parts I, II, III – by Daria Kiseleva (2014)

This video work is an investigation into the relationship between the visual, sonic and gestural aspects of language. Part of this project was a collaboration with a musician Semay Wu, who composed a four part musical composition for cello based on a experimental notational system I developed earlier. The notational system is a method of translation letters into sound waves and vice versa.

copyright: daria kiseleva

Zagora Residency (July 2008), Morocco.

Writing and jamming a fusion-style music based on Gnawa and western scale systems. All during a three-week residency, working with local musicians and artists for a new art/music festival in Zagora. Created, organised and curated by Saad Eddine Said and Amy Smyth.