20 Stories High

http://www.20storieshigh.org.uk/ Julia Samuels - Director Keith Saha - Writer, MD http://www.20storieshigh.org.uk/about-us/ I worked as Composer & Performer in the show: She's Leaving Home inspired by the legendary Beatles song and is part of Liverpool’s celebration of the 50th anniversary of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Researched and developed with young adults in Liverpool, the play … Continue reading 20 Stories High

Forkbeard Fantasy Theatre Company

http://forkbeardfantasy.co.uk/ Tim and Chris Britten, Penny Saunders and Ed Joblin [and co.] [Musical collaborations in various guises from 2000 - 2011] Homelife - contributed music for: The Brain - 2000 and were specially commissioned to write for: Frankenstein - 2001, music here Shooting Shakespeare - 2004 Lotus Pedals (inc. adapted Mayming/Seaming songs for R.M.) - … Continue reading Forkbeard Fantasy Theatre Company