Forkbeard Fantasy Theatre Company

Tim and Chris Britten, Penny Saunders and Ed Joblin [and co.]

[Musical collaborations in various guises from 2000 – 2011]

Homelife – contributed music for:

The Brain – 2000

and were specially commissioned to write for:

Frankenstein – 2001, music here

Shooting Shakespeare – 2004

Lotus Pedals (inc. adapted Mayming/Seaming songs for R.M.) – wrote and performed live the music for:

Rough Magyck – 2006

Invisible Bonfires – 2007

and contributed songs as Semay Wu/Mayming/Lotus Pedals for:

The Colour of Nonsense – 2011

The Brain 2000
The Colour of Nonsense – 2011
Invisible Bonfires 2007
Rough Magyck 2006
Frankenstein 2001
Shooting Shakespeare 2004


Other brilliant links to FF are:

Penny Saunders

You can see lots of her work here: