Improvisations with Vanessa Grasse 2016 [contd.]

Modern Art Oxford Residency - February 2018 Vanessa Grasse arrived on the last weekend of the residency and we discussed the theme of the residency, with aesthetics, emotions, movements, philosophy, as well as connection to audience members. We decided to keep improvising, but change the structure accordingly to how each one went, in order to … Continue reading Improvisations with Vanessa Grasse 2016 [contd.]

The Earlies 2003-2007 [- 2016] The Earlies are a band formed by Christian Madden and Giles Hatton from Lancashire, England, and Brandon Carr and John Mark Lapham from the United States. Their music is described as both "a very English kind of folk-psychedelia... with a smattering of Beach Boys harmonies" by The Independent, and "country-meets-prog-meets-electronica symphonies" by The … Continue reading The Earlies 2003-2007 [- 2016]