Patrick Fitzgerald/Stephen Hero 2019

2/3 day recording session for Stephen Hero on his 2019 album: Deciduous Eccentric

1/ The Green North
2/ Colin
3/ Fly A Rocket
4/ Elsie, The Sea
5/ Gunshot In The Fog
6/ Patient Here Myself
7/ Skinny Cupboard Pill Boy
8/ Stripping Oliver
9/ Turn To You
10/ Don’t Say It’s Too Late

Deciduous Eccentric features 10 new songs of baroque chamber pop that sizzle and simmer with piano, cello, and electronics all topped off with that distinctive voice. For his final record Patrick has written songs from personal memories, initially set to small piano pieces, that have then been brought electrifyingly to life with some amazing cello work by maverick composer and media artist Semay Wu. Along the way we discover harmonies from Heidi Berry (4AD/Creation) and a duet with Simon Rivers (The Bitter Springs) plus further cameo appearances from assorted friends and musical accomplices. “The door is open
, it’s time that I went


released November 1, 2019

© + ℗ Written, made and played by Patrick Fitzgerald with:

Semay Wu – cello on all songs except Don’t Say It’s Too Late
Yves Altana – cymbals and percussion
Heidi Berry – harmony vocal on Stripping Oliver
Simon Rivers – first lead vocal on Don’t Say It’s Too Late
Fern Smith – backing vocal on Fly A Rocket and Elsie, The Sea
Philip Ralph – backing vocal on Fly A Rocket and Elsie, The Sea
Will Fulford-Jones – mandolin on Patient Here Myself and violin on Elsie, The Sea and Turn To You

Episode 212 – Patrick Fitzgerald of Kitchens of Distinction/Solo

May 28th 2019 – Podcast – Music, Medicine and More – with Patrick Fitzgerald.

Previous album recordings: Apparition in the Woods