Lotus Pedals 2005 – 2012

Lotus Pedals is:

Simon King: gtr and fx

Seaming To: voice, clarinet, piano and fx

Semay Wu: cello and fx

Howard Jacobs: drums, perc, clarinets and saxophones (all types)

We all write the music, originals and covers of special tunes.


All coming from Homelife, we formed as a quartet for Forkbeard Fantasy’s show Rough Magyck in 2005/6.

For their Complete Works Festival the Royal Shakespeare Company commissioned FF to stage this spectacular perambulatory phantasmagorical promenaderie of FF’s trademark mix of theatre, film, puppetry and live music. The piece travelled through the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford upon Avon in October 2006.  The event started in the Foyer , moved into the Auditorium and from there into a specially built miniature theatre called The CUBE, plonked in the Stalls. Using a home-made ‘Kabuki drop’ the Safety Curtain seperating us from the Main Stage was revealed and, as it rose, the Audience were then led on Stage……Michael Boyd described the show as “a Trojan horse, a bacteria to infect the RSC from within”.


Paschale Straiton was also a major player in the show (as were quite a few more) who joined us with the Saw for various moments in each of the performances.

Robert Storey was our sound engineer for this show and Invisible Bonfires.

Robin Thorburn: Film

Joe Bone: Surround Sound

Marcus Bartlett: Lighting

the FF members: http://www.forkbeardfantasy.co.uk/about%20forkbeard.php

CREDITS. The Cast: Chris & Tim Britton, Ed Jobling, Tamzin Griffin, Jay Thomas, Rachel Clarke, Paschale Straiton; The Lotus Pedals: Seaming To, Semay Wu, Simon King , Howard Jacobs and mixer Rob Storey; Surround Sound by Joe Bone; Lighting by Marcus Bartlett; Film by Robin Thorburn; Sets by Penny Saunders; Directed by Andy Hay.

Lotus Pedals wrote and performed the music which can be sold here:

Fabulous Faeries album [containing music from both Rough Magyck and Invisible Bonfires]



Invisible Bonfires show:


On a pan-global Tour of International Climate Change Conferences, the fabulous Brittonioni Brothers chewed on the hot potato mishmash of Global Warming.

Run entirely by horse power and hot air, with special guests Mammon and Pan, and Live Music by The Lotus Pedals (of HOMELIFE fame), the brilliantly brylcremed Brittonioni Brothers zoomed us from Outer Space to the Inner Atom as they explored their subject through such apocalyptic topics as the Evolution of The Carbon Weevil, the FairyAngel Conundrum and the coming of the new Plastic-ene Era.

A revamped HD version of “Carbon Weevils” for 2010. The tale of this inexhaustible little species which seems to serve no other evolutionary purpose than to re-release the Earth’s Carbon and turn it into Carbon Dioxide. Now showing in the carbon neutral Zed pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010.

With music soundtrack by Lotus Pedals 2007
Translated into Mandarin for the Shanghai Expo by Guo Yue.

Lotus Pedals played at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester. 18.11.11

A specially commissioned gig [post-concert gig] by the Manchester Jazz Festival and Manchester Camerata.

Portrait of an Italian

Concert, 7.30pm

Giovanni Sollima cello/director
Giovanni Guzzo director
Hannah Roberts cello

Encore, 9.30pm
Presented in association with Manchester Jazz Festival

Semay Wu – cello
and friends

Complementing Sollima’s distinctive approach to the cello, Manchester’s very own Semay leads a specially-assembled small group of music-makers to perform some quirky and surprising sounds, incorporating the many reference points in her musical career – electronica, jazz, improvisation and rock – uncategorisable yet compelling!

We have been recording music on and off ever since.

One of the highlights was to make the soundtrack for the Finale of the Closing for Winchester Art Centre, after many many years of inspiring the community. [around 2007/8?]

We recorded in two days whilst on-site. This was blasted out to high heavens over fireworks and with the wonderful Forkbeard Fantasy with their humongous Blue Lady..

and came up with this:


We also worked with Sam Weaver and various other engineers to record an album, still to be completed.

Del Casher Tour 2010

Del Casher and the Delstars (with members of Lotus Pedals): https://www.flickr.com/photos/37409944@N02/4642711011/in/album-72157625832118886/

Del Casher and the Delstars with the Lotus Pedals

Del Casher press release

 In May 2010, “King of the Wah”, legendary Californian guitarist Del Casher, inventor of the wah-wah pedal, film- score composer, performer, and raconteur, pays a rare visit to the UK to tour. In an extraordinary music career Del Casher has worked with an astonishing range of talent including Julie London, Frank Sinatra, Motown Records, Sonny and Cher, Frank Zappa’s Mothers of Invention, Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound, and in films with Elvis Presley on Roustabout, Jerry Lewis on The Patsy, Warren Beatty on Love Affair, and Sam Raimi on Dark Man, amongst many others.

Backed by the outrageous Lotus Pedals, Del plays his own material alongside that of his life-long friend and early influence the late great Les Paul, and showcases his own inventions; the Ecco-Fonic Electronic Echo Chamber, and the first guitar Wah Wah pedal that he developed for Vox in the late sixties.

Incorporating classic rock and roll, cult easy listening, psychedelic freak-out, peerless soundtrack music and landmark musical experimentation, Del Casher presents a unique evening of musical entertainment and riveting anecdotes in his own inimitable, and often very funny style.

Picturelotus pedals

The Lotus Pedals in Invisible Bonfires.