Fukiko Takase & Takase Takako Dance Gallery 2009-2012

I was invited to Tokyo in Aug/Sept 2009, by Fukiko Takase

to be Composer, Improviser, Performer, Music Editor & Arranger

for Dancing, Passing, & Landing with the Takase Takako Dance Gallery

Directed by Takako Takase,

Choreography by Fukiko Takase,

@Theater X (kai) @ Ryougoku, TOKYO

Fukiko Takase

I then acted as Composer, Music Editer/Arranger, and general music assistant to sourcing music, for the piece Autumn Hunch at the National Theatre, Tokyo 2010.

Director and Choreographer: Fukiko Takase

I also composed for Takako Takase, a 15 min solo in 2012.

Fukiko Takase (daughter) is a Company Wayne McGregor Dance Artist






Director: Takako Takase still dances, and was a dancer in the 70’s with the Laura Dean and Dance Company, NYC. One of her solos below.