The Exquisite Corpse Premiere NL

THE EXQUISITE CORPSE > recomposing the body [Event No. 20] 

Premiere at Splendor, Amsterdam, 23 November 2019

Image: Confluence by Emily Fong, UK.

Short Documentary Video by Flora Reznik, NL

Link to full documentation of the premiere: here

Composer: Semay Wu
New Instrument Concept: Semay Wu and Dan Gibson
Code and Instrument Build: Dan Gibson

Sato Endo – movement artist
Emily Fong – visual artist
Dan Gibson – live processing
Fani Konstantinidou – live electronics
Anne Wellmer – voice and objects
Semay Wu – cello and electronics

Sound technicians: Michele Abolaffio, Giuliano Anzani
Sound postproduction: Dan Gibson, Semay Wu
Videography: Flora Reznik
Camera assistant: Lam Lai

Host and Venue for Premiere (23rd November 2019):
Anne La Berge and Splendor, Amsterdam
Rehearsal and Venue for Preview Performance (22nd November 2019):
iii (Instrument Inventors Initiative)
Production: New Emergences

Kindly Supported by Stimuleringsfonds and Konrad Boehmer Foundation

5 Scores –

Exquisite Corpse Score 1:5 Nov 2019
Exquisite Corpse score 1/5
Exquisite Corpse Score 2:5 Nov 2019
Exquisite Corpse score 2/5
Exquisite Corpse Score 3:5 Nov 2019
Exquisite Corpse score 3/5
Exquisite Corpse Score 4:5 Nov 2019
Exquisite Corpse score 4/5
Exquisite Corpse Score 5:5 Nov 2019
Exquisite Corpse score 5/5