Live-Generated Score by Emily Fong

 The score by Emily Fong was generated live. Emily produced these images via the connection between herself and the movement artist, Sato Endo. They represent one mind in two bodies, shaping their thoughts through different external processes: externalising from hand to paper and through the body into movement. Emily’s pencil attachment was designed by Dan Gibson to trace the movement of the pencil as it glides across the paper. This data was processed into timed instructions for each musician on how to play the official score.

The score was a continuous (and almost) 10m in length. There are two of these scores – artifacts that inspire me greatly to generate further developments from this initial outing. 

Emily Fong –

Sato Endo –


Exquisite Corpse 22-11-2019 Emily Fong score

Exquisite Corpse – live-generated score by Emily Fong 23/11/2019


Exquisite Corpse Score by Emily Fong
Exquisite Corpse Score by Emily Fong: three ‘places’ “as pauses amongst ongoing movement” Yi Fu Tuan
Exquisite Corpse Score by Emily Fong