Live-Generated Score by Emily Fong

A single moment in the Live Generated score by Emily Fong. The performance was 35 minutes in length and this score was near enough 10m in length. I am the proud owner of two of these scores – artifacts of the highest order! The scores are done in real-time, in deep connection with Sato Endo, the movement artist. In the game composition: Emily and Sato were embodied as one mind, both interpreting (not translating) each other, shaping their thoughts through a different external process: encaptured by the body into movement, and externalising from hand to paper.

Emily Fong –

Sato Endo –


Exquisite Corpse 22-11-2019 Emily Fong score

Exquisite Corpse – live-generated score by Emily Fong 22/11/2019