Sunday best

Sunday brought more fluidity and playfulness to our performances. We relaxed more and expressed a greater understanding from our work yesterday. The piece still belongs to the research and development stage, and in its infancy with our role-making, but we were able to confirm elements that worked and didn’t work, and we could sit back and be more spatial with our time and energy.

More photos – all from Stu Allsopp again.

Relating: physical to non-physical/present to past memories/ephemerality/multi-layering/re-tracing/stillness to action…

In room:

We concluded our weekend with three performances again, before packing up and heading home to the North.

Modern Art Oxford have been a model employer to work for, in my view as a freelance artist, working under the context of education in current exhibited works. Their enthusiasm and friendliness really made a difference to how it could work, and all the gallery volunteers were all amazing people with so much passion for the arts.

I want to thank Vanessa Grasse, for her dedication to her art, and for her collaboration; Stu Allsopp for his warmth and connected heart in his stories and his pictures; the fantastic tech MAO team: Scott and Andy for helping to prepare, set up, maintain and repair any tech problems; the general curating, admin MAO team: Emma Steph, Jon, Emma, Anya, Helen, Kay, Sally; all the volunteers who were amazing (Bea, Mohammed, Andrew..); and to Sara Lowes the Curator for Educational learning – Thank you so much for this commission. As intense as it has been all week, it’s been deeply enjoyable and visceral, and I came away with a lot of heart shown to me by all the story-makers and everyone who made it happen.

To all the story-makers: Thank you for your conversations (and to the ones I didn’t know the names). I was honoured to hear you.

Britt Ustler
Colin Seddon
Edka Jarzab
Freiya Benson
Gena Felker
Julia Eckhardt
Liam McAdam
Lindsay McAdam
Patrick Fitzgerald
Sanghita Sen
Jesal Katak
Phil Cope
Lily Winter
Shosana/Hurst Press
Stu Allsopp
Ciara Diana McKenzie
Zebedee Everts
Annabel Bryant
Annie Xu
Daniel and Rina Aroyo
Jana from Hamburg
Nabeela Zaman
Shareece and
a lady from london (didn’t catch her name)