Saturday in-the-making

Last night, my wonderful dancer friend Vanessa Grasse arrived in Oxford, and we went out for dinner with the equally wonderful Sara Lowes. Vanessa arrived from London to collaborate with me on this residency, today and tomorrow.

We arrived at the Gallery at 9am, and having uploaded all music and set everything up to start at 10am, we started discussing the basics of what happened in the space this week. I also wanted to bring to attention some key points, concepts and various senses of choreographic gesture that I felt most connected. Initial improvisations would develop these key ingredients, familiarise with the concepts, and to fine-tune any responses to sound, visual and space. Contact/connections with the public would be worked on, one of Vanessa’s many research qualities.

We worked on public/private space, gestural detailing, created relationships with the moving imagery, heads, space and sounds. We also tried different start points and different end points, and each time we performed, we did it differently.


Screen: interactive sounds using MaxMSP – with fixed video

Heads: 30min looped 5-channel soundscape & audience participants’ recorded stories

live-capture camera: interactive sounds using MaxMSP – with captured movement

Audience participants: recognising, receiving, connecting and collaborating

Vanessa Grasse: movement improvisations, building and revealing connections

Semay Wu: live mixing – MaxMSP, improvisations – cello & spoken word from received texts.

Today we did three performances: 2pm, 3pm, and 4pm.

All photos here are credited to: Stu Allsopp

Here’s a few pre-performance images:

First performance:

Second/Third performances: