The Forsythe Company

Looking at The Forsythe Company, based in Frankfurt, I came upon the motion bank part of the website.

It includes a site for Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion. Matteo’s ‘Songbook’ piece was brilliant. I heard it in an art gallery in Manchester as part of the Siobhan Davies dance company’s tour of Rotor, and it was a piece written for 4 players (this time: four dancers) and it was marvelous.

The link that describes the piece is:

I did a workshop with Matteo in 2012 for composers and dancers. Linking motion to ideas of rhythm. Motion attached to pulses (within music) but with more connectedness, and complexity. Simple games but complex patterns. It was a good couple of days, and from previous experience working with dancers within Instant Composition and Contact Improvisation, I was freer in my awareness of performing without my cello to hide me.

Here is a little animation. Click on the link. You can manipulate the shape of the circle by grabbing the various points on it. I like this a lot. Can this possibly be something that I can aspire towards? To manipulate parameters (like grains of sound, or reverb etc) between points. And can this be physically made to have the same feelings of stretch and spring?