Parabolic Curves & Inspirations


Parabolic curve through origami art. I enjoyed doing this. It looks a bit like the Philip’s Pavilion in Brussels at the Expo ’58 World Fair. Le Corbusier team design, esp from Iannis Xenakis.

100px-Quadratic_Beziers_in_string_art.svg Bezier Curves –

Also ideas connected to this come from the imagery of 70’s art such as:

DSC_2980  Visually mathematical….

images from artists i found that are pretty stunning:


Liberty and Anarchy at Leeds art gallery, an exhibition by an Australian artist, Nike Savvas. March 2013

polyedre_420_faces  Roland Gagneux

Dual Snub Hexpropello Dodecahedron. Polyèdre à 420 faces. Diameter 60 cm, Finland birch plywood 2011

The first sculpture isn’t quite the same in connectivity but it looks a lot like sound splattering into grains. Like a dense matter of sound. The second sculpture of a cage is beautiful. The interconnectivity of everything comes to mind.
Antony Gormley – Another Singularity
Beili Liu – this reminds me of the centre point and everything that connects to it, like a maypole or a dancer’s body.
Honma Hideaki (b. 1959) – images on internet search are amazing….wowwww.
left structure: Rolling Shape II, 2007. Bamboo, 14 1/2 x 22 x 11 in.
Right structure: Play, 2007. Bamboo, 14 1/2 x 21 x 12 in. Collection of Stanley and Mary Ann Snider.