Looking for Skater noise

Looking around the NDSM Werf, I have been wanting to record some sounds from the indoor skatepark for a while. It is a huge space with massive reverberation. Possibly some very interesting sounds to come out of it. It is a beautiful space with entrepreneurial artist-led work cubes / cabins stacked on top of each other, and the occasional theatre show is performed there, as well as gabba festivals. Travelling on my bike, the sun is really baking. The ferry, hot in the sun and lovely with the breeze on the Ij, takes us to the other side and I disembark. Going inside the building I expect a huge roar of noise, but going through the big blue doors what do I get? Silence? There seems to be a massive spring-clean. They’ve banned the skaters!!


I’ll just have to bike round in the sun and use my time wisely at Noorderlicht Cafe. Tchao.