Synth Club, Villa Te Koop

We’ve been badgering Peter Edwards for ages to do a series of circuit electronics workshops. The first one was on a sunday in March where we gathered interested folk, and started to talk about what we could do. Resulting in ideas of talking about the basis of electronic circuitry, the magic of energy, the components and how they are needed on the circuit board e.g. resistors and capacitors and their role in controlling the flow of energy in a board.

Second sunday of the series was certainly exciting. The benjolin Synth is a board designed by a guy called Rob Hordijk. One of Pete’s most favourite designers. He lives in The Hague. The board itself has since been re-designed by various other interested folk who want to push it further towards their own needs.

My soldered example of the original Benjolin Synth:

IMG_3758 IMG_3757 IMG_3755

And the after bbq hang out:


IMG_3750Note the delight in the action of spooning out melted ice cream from tub.

The third meet up was Rob Hordijk giving a talk on electronics and how to perceive it. Was very very well explained. Simplicity and inspired. At the end we had a little demonstration on Cymatics. A little speaker is stuck underneath a thin flat (metal) board. Salt/sand was placed on top of the board, spread out. Using sine waves, we slid through a range of frequencies which resonated the board via the speakers. As the frequencies changed so did the changes in patterns that were created by the salt/sand vibrating on the surface of the board. He makes it so easy 🙂