New place, new people, new music, new connections. A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting a few people who were interning at Steim. One of them Ewa Justka invited me to join her at a gig where she was curating a third of an evening of new music. The main idea behind the event series is the word ‘Oorsprung’ i.e. newly born, original.  The musicians, or dancers, will have never worked with each other before. The music thus will be a challenge and also interesting for both musicians ( and dancers ) and the audience as well.

The Oorsprung Series is based at a cooperative building called Poortgebouw just behind the Buiksloterweg ferry across from the Centraal Station. A long elongated room, the leader of the night and host is called Raoul Van der Weide. A warm-hearted man who excites and shares his enthusiasm with the people involved.

As always, a lovely meal is provided, a little soundcheck if needed and then waiting for the listeners to turn up.

Ewa curated (is the new word for organised) the second part of the eve and invited along with herself on electronics: Gert Van Prins on electronics, myself on cello and electronics, Dan Gibson on cello and electronics, Carla Genchi on voice and lastly but not least, the very well known Jodi Gilbert on voice. Promises to be a riot.

I met a few other musicians on the night, Renato Fereiro on double bass who improvised in a way I really liked, and others, some dancers.

So, my very first gig in the Netherlands. The night was hot, the atmosphere was lit up, and there was a packed audience. I was pretty much suffering under the heat but by sheer will power I got through the crazed noisy ass war of sounds that went on. A sheer battle between acoustic and electronic sounds (think I was on the losing side). It was mental.