I find myself really wanting to learn how to code. It’s one of these ‘coolest things to do in your life’ type things. Think I can do it?

Recently I’ve been on the free website CodeAcademy and trying to learn Python. It’s quite focussing and I am enjoying it. Slow progress still….

But if I begin to understand this I’ll be chuffed. There are so many things connected with coding. You learn one language well, the others will ( hopefully ) follow. But it’s in everything. Algorithms they call it. You might say I’m spewing knowledge at you. Algorithms. Jeez, you don’t know what that means? Whatever it is, it’s not true.

There is a legend at college whose acerbic comments are truly wonderful to behold. His historical commentary also needs mentioning. I would have to say though, that the history of women in electronic music hasn’t had so much as a wimpish whisper. Perhaps there’s not enough time in lessons to talk about everyone….

“Here’s Daisy!”

There are lectures at Sonology that talk and describe mathematical formulas and logical functions, using software and patching – computer coding itself has many types of logical approaches – and these are a representation of something complicated and huge, an absolute theoretical approach in the realms of organic physicality. It’s a guideline or insight into understanding simply how something might work. Imagine this: a teacher desperately trying to describe, and vividly animate processes to silent and depressed students, mathematics is beautiful and so is Fast Fourier Transform. Actually a lot of the students get it. Some with incredible motivation. Inspired! To me though, it’s a new way of thinking. I have not spent any time thinking about maths recently, to be honest. I am not particularly at one with it. I generally govern my thoughts by levels of emotion/empathy, by being/working as a performer, and the ‘How to’ method seems to remain anti-logical. Yes, logic is not logical. Perhaps…or am I procrastinating? But this is why it’s interesting. I would like to know better. It seems stupid to deny myself the glory of maths when the first hurdles are up. Erudite or Erosive? No matter. We will see. Learn the character for ‘the sum of’ and that will do for now.

I’m pretty sure I can come up with some strange logic in paradise. John Lurie behold.

I’ve heard that tiny kids are now being taught how to code at the age of two…