Trio Montage

Trio Montage – for three players (Video, Cello & CCTV) 2019
(in development stage)

Alternate name: Preluude#2

The video is player 1, and can be seen as an audiovisual score/performer. You can see it HERE. The other two players bring the total to three voices. They are all inextricably linked and yet separated. The main concept explored is the past, present and future timeline of the performer. The private and public (or perhaps, rehearsal and performance) is brought in through the set up in the performing space, giving us a feeling of voyeurism, of seeing into the mindset not visible during a public performance.

Trio Montage at Spike Cello Festival 8/9/10th Feb 2019 @The Workmans Club, Dublin

Residency at the White Space Gallery 2019Residency at WhiteSpace Gallery, Edinburgh Jan 2019 working on Preluude#1 for a new evening called Untried and Tested. Preparations for performance at Spike Cello Festival. Photo Credit: Pual Northcott

“Preluude#1” performance still @whitespace, Edinburgh 2019. (Image by Pual Northcott)
“Preluude#1” – LDR frame screen
“Preluude#1” – 1st player: video @whitespace, Edinburgh 2019