pre-residency call out results

My call out in January, as well as just before the week in February.

I would like to list the people who contacted me and gave me much of their time and efforts, and to record their voices themselves.

Britt Ustler

Gena Felker

Colin Seddon

Patrick Fitzgerald

Sanghita Sen

Freiya Benson

Edka Jarzab

Julia Eckhardt

Liam McAdam

Lindsay McAdam

Their input was so astonishing, I felt incredibly honoured and insanely happy that folk wanted to actively make this effort, to delve into their surroundings and history and to publicly be heard via the composition audio loop that would happen in the gallery. The rule, is that only in that space will these voices be heard, and no more.

The texts that people wrote to me would be vocally placed into the room, via myself. All would be anonymous.