Mon 12th Feb – set up day

Monday 12th February – set up day

I met up with Sara Lowes, the Curator for Creative learning, and the MAO team, and I settled into the space (Piper Gallery) to set up for the rest of the week: the residency will take place publicly from tomorrow (Tuesday) 13th – sunday 18th Feb.

The technical team (Scot and Andy) are on hand to build me this wonderful three layered screen on the day – wrapped in their thinnest gauze material; gel’d the lights and directed them away from the screen; fixed up the two projectors that I needed and positioned them carefully.


Fig.1 Sara Lowes inside my screen, flanked by Andy Owen and Scot Blyth. You can see some visuals appearing on the gauze surface.


Fig. 2 – video projected onto screen. with PA Speakers and subs all connected.

Fig. 3 how it looked at end of day 1

Technical stuff ongoing, early start tomorrow with soundchecks and speaker volumes checked. The 30 minute audio loop is loaded into the gallery’s computer downstairs, and the video is uploaded onto projector – ready to play for tomorrow. Let’s see what happens!