pre-residency research 4 – call out reason

“This will be your contribution to the space. I have the 5 empty large heads of women sculptured/painted in a contemporary graffiti-esque feel. So, when you enter the space, even though you know they represent women in the way the artist wants you too, they still remain empty, anonymous, and devoid of anything to remember them by. By remembering/reminiscing about someone connected to yourself (like someone in your family/a colleague/teacher/child/friend) you are essentially allowing yourself to trace back a personal link to some kind of emotion/memory in historical/current times, and transferring it into the space by way of an audio recording (which i will place into the composition as a fixed piece) or a written story/note which i will vocalise live during the week. Each contribution enriches the space from an empty one to one that is filled with stories, of love/appreciation/respect etc for women in general. Our personal link means that we can empathise with these heads in the room, because we can link them to someone we know. In that way, we see these women as one of us, and can give them life for that moment that we’re in the room.

The person you pick is up to you. It may be a story of struggle, and no self confidence, being constantly demoted/not promoted, did all the work and was never appreciated, held the family together with strength/survival etc etc. Or one of happiness/content/of a memory of how you see them, how they shine, and you want to recognise them for that…

it can be expressed in any way you feel ok about. but it must be personal and not a performance. It is something that has to connect, the voice has to be listened to, i want to strip away layers and hear vulnerabilities, other emotions that are not often placed on the surface. it is a big ask, so it is very much up to you. A conversation is one way of looking at it, like you were talking to me about this person. It is your (almost private) communication that will reveal things to other people, and let them also reveal something of themselves.”