new approaches

Discovering a new approach…instead of this longevity of interest that I wish upon the instrument that I will make, I will try to realise small experiments and approach it in a compositional way each time, building up pieces as we go along. The overall outcome may be possible through this route.

Thereby, dissecting the ‘big thing’ into smaller chunks of possibility. Which is as you might have guessed, much easier.

  • Processing – allowing me to visualise moving space, and esp 3D space. Also Iannix is a beautiful programme.
  • Elasticity and stretch. Let’s do it. Examples through the processing website are, in some occasions, extraordinary. And bear the idea of that Forsythe model of stretching, and in Johan van Kreij’s words, possibly heading towards ‘Mass Spring systems’….of which Peter Pabon knows very well indeed.

Go check out Peter’s thoughts and directions.

Websites that inspire (yet again, but are equally as important) are: