The Owl Ensemble 2008-2012

Many gigs and wonderful moments with Olivia’s ‘The Owl Ensemble’ resulting in a gorgeous record.

We toured in 2012/13 to launch this record. This was a labour of love with big respect from and towards everyone.


The record was performed and recorded at Parr Studios, Liverpool in 2012 by:

Olivia Moore: leader, composer, arranger and violinist.

Myke Wilson: Drummer

John Ellis: Piano

Sylvan Richardson: Electric Bass

Clare Smith: Violin

Kath Barnecutt: Viola

Semay Wu: Cello


Gavin Barras (double bass)

Glenn Sharp (Flamenco guitar)

The Owl Ensemble is a seven-piece led by violinist Olivia Moore, comprising a string quartet with a jazz trio, blending layers of rhythmic patterns and soaring melodies, described as inventive and subverting classical traditions.

Olivia Moore, the band-leader, is not only a classically trained violinist, but is well established as an improviser drawing influences from jazz and Indian Music. In 2009, Olivia was one of eight musicians in the UK to be selected for the Serious ‘Take Five Artist’ development scheme. She has performed at the UK’s main Jazz festivals such as the London Jazz Festival. The Owl Ensemble was formed in 2008 when Olivia and the drummer Myke Wilson found new inspiration in each other’s approach. They have appeared at the Manchester and Marsden Jazz Festivals and this year the string quartet played in Paul Heaton’s ‘The 8th at Manchester International Festival.

Their new album ‘Owl’ has made Olivia stand out as a “true innovator… there’s an enormous sense that this album is going to go a long way to filling those nooks and crannies in your musical psyche which keep you feeling that you’ve not heard that ‘perfect sound’ yet.” – The British Jazz Blog

The tour musicians included Grant Russell on Double Bass, and David Munoz on Piano.

Owl Ensemble flyer. x x x jpg