Bridget Storm & Analogue Catalogue 1997-2007

Julie Mclarnon & Analogue Catalogue (with Robert Cotter)

I performed in her band: Bridget Storm 1997 – 2007

Julie McLarnon: voice, guitars, accordian –

Paul Blakesley: Bass

Brian Edwards: Drums

Semay Wu: cello

3 Eps: Terrestrial Living (2000), Stitches (2000), The Sleep (2001)

Album: Here’s What’s left (2002)


Briton’s Protection 2001 –

Notable festivals and gigs:

SXSW [South By South-West] 1998

CMJ 2001: The fated CMJ in 2001, where myself and Julie flew to NYC for a CMJ gig, and were re-directed to Gander, NewFoundland for 4 days. Julie ended up heading home, and I managed to find my way to Brooklyn where I had a place to stay. The whole journey from UK to Gander to Brooklyn was incredibly etched in memory. The CMJ Festival was postponed, and I spent a week in NYC trying to understand what actually just happened.

The week of Red Cross concerts set up at Tonic in the East Village was memorable for many reasons: amazing music – and seeing/meeting the legends of NY’s free improvisation/jazz world, notably John Zorn and Milford Graves. At a time in NY’s history, it was really necessary to stay there to see the city, Brooklyn, Downtown and Chinatown where they started pressing t-shirts with the now famous logo: ‘I [heart] NY’.

Various gigs in NYC from years 1999 – 2001

Notable BS support slots for: Arab Strap, Smog, Daniel Johnston, lambchop, Willard Grant Conspiracy from The American SongWriters Circle, [the gig at BOTW [Band On The Wall] ~ 2000/1]

Notable backing band: Did a mini EU tour (2006) with the Vaselines (with Eugene too), and also Frances McKee‘s solo work.

London . Luminare Sat 17th June 2006
Manchester Roadhouse, Sun 18th June 2006
Glasgow ABC, Mon 19th June 2006
Paris Sat 1st July 2006

Analogue Catalogue recording sessions for:

Bridget Storm: Eps (2000) and Album Here’s What’s left (2002)

Frances McKee – Sunny Moon (2004)

Aidan Smith – Fancy Barrel (2005)

Supreme Vagabond Craftsman – Just You, Me and The Baby (2006)

Supreme Vagabond Craftsman – Check Out My Rifle Range (2006)

Jon Thorne’s Oedipus Complex – Manchester Road (2006)

The Shivers – More (2011)

Robin James – Paper Earth (2011)

Vinny Peculiar – Other People Like Me (2011)

Seaming – Seaming (2012) – This was recorded elsewhere, but mixed at Analogue.