Solo projects

This is a very special place – Sharmanka Theatre on Trongate, Glasgow.

Honoured to have been invited to perform at their monthly ‘Live Music at Sharmanka’ series curated by John Cavanagh. [performance on 02/06/2019]

Semay Wu @ Sharmanka, Glasgow – 10min

[Gavin Brown/Onthefly edited and filmed this video]

Closing solo act @Spike Cello Festival 8/9/10th Feb 2019 @The Workmans Club, Dublin

Residency at the White Space Gallery 2019Residency at WhiteSpace Gallery, Edinburgh Jan 2019 working on Preluude#1 for a new evening called Untried and Tested. Preparations for performance at Spike Cello Festival.
photo credit: Pual Northcott

Live improvisations between video, and myself on voice and maxMSP. @Whitespace in Edinburgh. 31st May 2018

Credit: Original video footage and lighting by: Anne Wellmer, DH

‘…a continous present’ – a short video that previews a full-length video that has been accompanying my live solo performances using DIY electronics.

Images captured from my final Masters in Music performance at The Institute of Sonology, Den Haag in June 2016.

Performers: Aurelie Lierman and Manuela Lucia Tessi.

Music soundtrack made by voice manipulation in MaxMSP using external controller DIY instruments that use light sensors and contact mics.

Final Performances – June 2016: Institute of Sonology, & STEIM – A laboratory for new music at the Royal Conservatoire.

Credits: Video – Eduard Figueres, Video Assistant – Julio Molina

Masters research – improvisations at Wonderwerp #62 @Studio Loos, Den Haag. 28.05.15