Sonology Electroacoustic Ensemble 2014

  We had two more concerts/performances in The Hague before performing a series of three for the Holland Festival, in Amsterdam in June. Since the new year, the band has had changes in personnel alongside new forms/ideas of 'collective' performance. There are now twelve people or so and we've been split into groups of three … Continue reading Sonology Electroacoustic Ensemble 2014

Metter Tij D – In the course of time.

Last night our Ambisonic Team organised an evening of music at Studio Loos in Den Haag. We'd been planning this for a while. Our teacher Justin Bennett had suggested his class to separate into two teams: one that would use a mobile app, to create a soundwalk of composed field recordings/pieces set around placed locations using … Continue reading Metter Tij D – In the course of time.