pre-residency research 3 – rambling bites

Women who have not had the support network and promotion to be able to reach into and remain in the city of Oxford’s psyche. What is a city’s psyche, a national psyche, a societal psyche? Is there enough room to remember and appreciate more people? Who is responsible for remembering these people: the other people, … Continue reading pre-residency research 3 – rambling bites

pre-residency research 2 – soundings

His exhibition ‘Speakers’ consists of 5 large sculptured heads of women – all molded/painted in his graffiti-esque style which is bold and colourful. In each of these heads resides a speaker pointing forwards, playing a looped track that is individual to each head. Each of these tracks consist of random musical elements – abstract/street sounds/classical … Continue reading pre-residency research 2 – soundings