pre-residency call out results My call out in January, as well as just before the week in February. I would like to list the people who contacted me and gave me much of their time and efforts, and to record their voices themselves. Britt Ustler Gena Felker Colin Seddon Patrick Fitzgerald Sanghita Sen Freiya Benson Edka Jarzab Julia … Continue reading pre-residency call out results

pre-residency research 4 – call out reason

"This will be your contribution to the space. I have the 5 empty large heads of women sculptured/painted in a contemporary graffiti-esque feel. So, when you enter the space, even though you know they represent women in the way the artist wants you too, they still remain empty, anonymous, and devoid of anything to remember … Continue reading pre-residency research 4 – call out reason