The Exquisite Corpse

THE EXQUISITE CORPSE > recomposing the body [Event No. 20] 

Premiere and Panel Discussion, at Splendor, Amsterdam, 23 November 2019

Format: 2 performances, feedback session & panel discussion

Dates & Time: 22-23 November 2019 – 20:00 – 22:00

Location: iii, Den Haag & Splendor, Amsterdam

Partners: iii, Den Haag, Splendor, Amsterdam, Konrad Boehmer Foundation


Semay Wu (UK) – Artistic Director, and Composer

Dan Gibson (UK/NL) – Technical Director

Wu and Gibson – New Instrument Concept, Coding & Build


Sato Endo (JP/NL) – choreographer, movement artist

Emily Fong (AU/UK) – visual artist

Dan Gibson – sound artist, instrument designer

Fani Konstantinidou (GR/NL) – composer, sound artist, music researcher

Anne Wellmer (DE/NL) – objects & voice

Semay Wu – composer, cellist, sound artist

Panel Participants:

Emily Fong – visual artist

Marianna Maruyama (NL) – artist working with body, voice and language

Joan Dee (FR/NL) – body modification artist

Moderated by:

Mariëtte Groot (NL)

Event Description:

Image: Confluence by Emily Fong, UK.